Techson Mission

Help you recover from disasters from pick up to delivery, restoring or replacing all electronics and appliances.

Welcome to Techson Electronics

We have been servicing, repairing, and replacing electronics and appliances exclusively for the insurance industry since 1998.

We provide fast and reliable service from our East Coast centers located in Nassau, Suffolk, NYC, and Kingston PA. We cover Metro N.Y. Area, Long Island, Upstate NY, Westchester NY, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

Restoring, Testing, and Replacing all brands of:


Internet Networks


PoS Systems

AV Systems


Alarm Systems

Fire Systems

CCTV Systems

Air Conditioners

Intercom Systems


Techson Electronics stands behind a 180-day full warranty on all services. Items are inspected, tested and cleaned with various cleaning agents (Non-Toxic Cleaning Available upon request) that eliminate odors, discolorations, and/or residue, then returned to the insured with the warranty.

Our goal is to provide you with an absolute solution to your electronics and appliance needs. With one phone call or email you are in touch with capable experts who can guide you through any questions or concerns you may have.