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Emergency Disaster?

Servicing the insurance industry exclusively since 1998.

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Fire / Smoke

Eliminate toxic debris and lingering smoke that can cause long term damage.

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Odor Removal

Deactivate odor in our Ozone Room and feel confident in having science working for you.

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Powersurge / Lightning

Identify if items are damaged by a strike and if its worth restoring.

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Puff Back

Remove lingering soot which can cause damage when components are in use.

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Handled with caution and care; assessing all items exposed in a safe environment

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Water Damage

Determine the severity of damage regardless of category specified.

Techson's Touch

Assisting in disaster recovery by restoring on-site or off-site and refining replacement solutions

Disaster could strike at any time. As a result, we provide easy access and transparency to assist you in submitting and managing claims. When offering an appropriate replacement value for damaged items, products are priced consistent with like, quality, and kind.

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Smart Automation


Studio Mixer

Trusted Vendor since 1998