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Equipment Renting

Emergencies can happen at the any time, and life has to keep moving regardless of the fact.

Techson offers a supporting renting solution to mitigate any potential down time for the insured while the claim is being processed and completed.

Network / Automation

Empower your business with cutting-edge tools for streamlined network operations and enhanced efficiency.

Audio / Video

Entertainment and production can necessitate immersive and specialized sound equipment. Mixers, Speakers, Controllers, TV's, Receivers, and more are among the A/V equipment available.

Gaming / Arcade

Interactive gaming has become more than a hobby for many individuals and businesses. Therefore, we provide rental options for classic console and arcade games.

Power Tools

Removing or deconstructing requires the proper tools for the job. Techson offers both electric and battery-operated options.

Racks / Storage

Providing onsite racks for A/V components and offsite storage as a safe haven for personal property while claims are being processed and resolved.

Wiring / Misc.

Connecting a wide variety of components at different locations on a temporary basis can help you avoid incurring the full cost of replacing them.

Techson will properly evaluate all electronics and appliances.

Using the latest technology we provide a clear and transparent assessment, with live status updates visible directly through the adjusters portal.

Renting Process

  1. Submit a Request

    To clearly understand your needs and expectations, please submit a request form and provide all possible details.

  2. Confirmation of Availability

    Once received and reviewed, the Techson team will respond with availability and options.

  3. Delivery and Install

    Renters have various options, including delivery, on-site installation, and wiring. Not all items will require additional cabling, but some may when there's limited access.

  4. Billing and Invoicing

    All rentals will require personal or company details. After the set duration is met, rental items will be billed in monthly increments.

  5. Return and Re-check

    Individuals have the option of dropping off the items at our warehouse or having them picked up from the location installed. All items are then assessed for damages and functionality to avoid any additional charges.