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Electronic Restoration

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Detailed and Transparent

Since 1998 Techson Electronics has provided personable and professional electronic restoration services. With the latest technology, we provide adjusters transparency and access on every claim submitted. Helping them and policyholders keep track of their content with detailed inspections and updates.

Techson is dedicated to guide and support each commercial and residential claim, including large loss, and VIP policy holders.

Our aim is to simplify and expedite the claim process. Regardless of the exposed damage, our team of specialists provide IICRC certified restoration services.

Data Recovery

Recover your personal data after disaster strikes. Regardless of damage or age, we seek the optimal solution.

Fire Damage

Eliminate toxic debris and lingering smoke that can cause long term damage.

Water Damage

Determine the severity of damage regardless of category specified.

Lightning Damage

Identify if items are damaged by a strike and if its worth restoring.


Handled with caution and care; assessing all items exposed in a safe environment

Odor Removal

Deactivate odor in our Ozone Room and feel confident in having science working for you.

Puff Back

Remove lingering soot which can cause damage when components are in use.

Equipment Rental

If the business or home needs to keep going, we can assist in renting electronics and appliances while recovery or renovation is in process.

Techson will properly evaluate all electronics and appliances.

Using the latest technology we provide a clear and transparent assessment, with live status updates visible directly through the adjusters portal.

Residential Restoration

  1. Submitting a Claim

    The electronic restoration processes starts with a claim submission. Fill out the form and have your claim information ready to proceed.

  2. Appointment

    Once our office takes on the task of IICRC certified restoration services, we will promptly contact the policy holder and meet at the next available date, or immediately on emergency claims.

  3. Assessment

    Our team of experts will provide visual inspection and assess for immediate damage, saving you time and money on testing and cleaning where it's not necessary or cost effective.

  4. Testing and Cleaning

    Electronic cleaning and testing is applied to items that pass the visual inspection and require a full diagnostics to deeply assess for any damage and to provide IICRC certified cleaning as needed. A detailed report of all work performed will be emailed to the adjuster upon completion and will be available in the adjusters portal anytime.

  5. Storage, Delivery, and Installation

    Once all items are evaluated and are ready to be returned to the policy holder, Techson's Field Techs will deliver and/or install the electronics at their appropriate location. If the property is still not available, we offer several solutions, including storage and rentals.