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Fire Damage

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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke and fire have the potential to cause catastrophic damage to electronic devices and home appliances. This type of damage is notoriously difficult to repair. If you continue to use damaged equipment after it has been damaged, or if you come into prolonged contact with a damaged component, the equipment may fail much sooner than expected. Both of these scenarios increase the likelihood of equipment failure. In either of these two scenarios, the likelihood of the apparatus malfunctioning increases. Cleaning and restoration services, such as those provided by Techson Electronics, are an excellent way to ensure the safety of products and prevent damage over time. This can be accomplished by removing contaminants and restoring the product to its original state.

Our procedure eliminates

Soot deposits

Harsh deposits resulting from the interaction of smoke and chemical gasses (hydrochloric acid)

Objects left behind by water (lime, sludge, mud)

Dust deposits

Additional sources of pollution (environmental, operational, etc.)

Techson will properly evaluate all electronics and appliances.

Using the latest technology we provide a clear and transparent assessment, with live status updates visible directly through the adjusters portal.

Techson's restoration process

  1. Evaluation

    We see what can be restored and photo document the loss site.

  2. Communication

    You'll comprehend what goes into your electronics restoration plan. Any objects that are not salvageable or that would cost more to restore than to replace will be noted as such on a Statement of Loss Form.

  3. Test

    This occurs twice: once before we remove each item to make sure it's functional, and once again before returning.

  4. Restore

    Specialists in electronics restoration employ a complex process that is identical to how manufacturers clean electrical products and circuit boards. You won't lose any important documents, images, or movies thanks to data recovery.

  5. Return & Reconnect

    We'll make sure everything is functioning properly. Upon complete delivery, a 90-day warranty will be provided.