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Family Owned and Operated

Techson was initially founded in Freeport, New York, as a subsidiary of a larger restoration company. As a result of the electronics division's popularity, the founder, Vladimir, identified a need in the market and established Techson Electronics Inc. as a solution to the problem.

Since starting the company in April 1998, we have grown to become a trusted vendor for over sixty different insurance companies in the Northeast Region. This growth would not be possible without the support of our champions. All the adjusters and restoration experts that allow us to guide their claims with our experienced and certified team.

Although the original owner and president, Vladimir Lokshin, passed away in 2022, Techson remains family-owned and operated. Reinforced with a decloration to preserve and expand its position as a trusted vendor on all claims while also continuing to provide personable restoration along with transparency, access, and efficiency. Our fundamental principles are rooted in professionalism, accountability, transparency, family, and education. We maintain a healthy and personable connection with our clients and never compromise the policyholders safety.

Vladimir Lokshin

Techson will properly evaluate all electronics and appliances.

Using the latest technology we provide a clear and transparent assessment, with live status updates visible directly through the adjusters portal.


We are strong supporters of sustainable practices, reducing electronic waste, and conserving valuable resources. Our mission is to reduce the environmental footprint and extend the lifespan of these devices by providing professional and personable restoration services.


Our fundamental values are transparency, accountability, professionalism, family, and education. We deeply care about the well-being of our team and all the amazing people we serve.


Advancing the restoration industry by providing trustworthy and reliable electronic restoration services while successfully reducing the environmental footprint