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Lightning Damage

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Lightning and Power Surge Damage

Lightning Strikes

When lightning strikes a property, either directly or even nearby, an electrical current is introduced into the area itself. There is a possibility of a direct strike or a power surge as a result of this. Both of these things can render electrical equipment inoperable, but they do not always cause irreparable harm. Most often the time the strike may only impact the items operating during the surge or are mitigated by UPS units.

Power Surges

Power surges are spikes in voltage. They are extremely fleeting, typically lasting mere millionths of a second, despite the fact that both their duration and intensity can vary greatly. There is no guarantee that lightning will be present when there is a power surge. It may have been brought on by strong winds, nearby work being done by a utility provider, or simply the turning on and off of appliances that utilize a significant amount of voltage. When there has been a direct impact to the property, the electronic device that are on, will typically be the ones most effected by the sustained damage.

Techson will properly evaluate all electronics and appliances.

Using the latest technology we provide a clear and transparent assessment, with live status updates visible directly through the adjusters portal.

Techson's restoration process

  1. Submit a Claim

    Power-surge and lightning damage restoration services start with a claim submission. Fill out the form and a claims representative will respond.

  2. Appointment

    Once our office takes on the task of providing IICRC-certified restoration services and surge evaluation, we will contact the policyholder and meet at the next available date, or immediately on emergency claims.

  3. Visual Inspection

    The response team will promptly provide an overall visual inspection and assess the immediate damage. With the use of Techson's software, an on-site evaluation is performed for all items claimed damaged by the policyholder, itemizing them in the adjusters portal.

  4. Testing and Cleaning

    Both testing and cleaning services can be provided on-site. If an item sustains extensive lightning damage, we suggest an in-warehouse service that includes all the necessary treatments needed to resolve the possible damage. Including a mechanics overview, proper testing, long-standing tests, and more.

  5. Report and Return

    When all the items have completed the inspection process, a report will be generated detailing the results. Adjusters will have access to live results through their portal. Items taken off-site will be delivered or can be stored until the premises are ready. The policyholder would also return any equipment they had rented along with the delivery.