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Proposal Review

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Proposal and Invoicing Review

Techson aids adjusters in deciphering and validating the information on all proposed invoices. Our team of specialists will be able to accurately estimate the cost of equipment and the scope of the project. Providing you with an in-depth report and supporting findings to aid in decision-making.

Techson will properly evaluate all electronics and appliances.

Using the latest technology we provide a clear and transparent assessment, with live status updates visible directly through the adjusters portal.


Submit a Claim

Your way to clarity and peace of mind begins with submitting a claim form. You can request a proposal or invoice review directly, and a team specialist will be assigned to guide you through the details.


Once the claim details have been received and we have confirmed receipt, a specialist will contact the invoice provider to discuss the project's scope.


After gaining a thorough understanding of the project as a whole, we ensure that every detail necessary to illustrate the necessary specifics is included.

Price Evaluation

The documents are then further evaluated for accuracy in the price of equipment and the considered approach. Ensuring that items are replaced in likeness, quality, and kind.

Report and Return

The results are uploaded to the adjuster's portal and communicated via email to the claim provider. We strive to resolve the majority of claims within a few days and offer a virtual assessment as an option for support.