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Moisture Damage to Electronics: Causes, Effects, and Prevention

February 21, 2023

Moisture exposure is a major issue for electronic devices. Moisture can cause corrosion, short circuits, and other damage, which can lead to device malfunction or failure. In this article, we’ll look at the causes and effects of moisture on electronics, as well as some prevention tips.

Moisture Damage to Electronics Causes:

Moisture can have a variety of effects on electronics. The following are the most common causes of moisture damage:

Humidity: When the air is humid, moisture can accumulate on electronic devices, especially if they are not properly sealed.

Secondary exposure: Accidental spills, burst pipes, or floods can allow moisture to enter electronic devices. Properly having exposed electronics evaluated is essential.

Condensation or Steam Exposure: When a device is moved from a cold to a warm environment, condensation can occur. Moisture can form on the device as a result, causing damage over time.

Effects of Moisture on Electronics:

Moisture damage to electronic devices can have a variety of consequences, including:

Moisture can cause corrosion on electronic device metal parts, resulting in deterioration and loss of function.

Moisture can cause electrical currents to take unintended paths, resulting in short circuits that can permanently damage the device.

Moisture damage can cause electronic components to malfunction, resulting in errors or device failure.

Prevention Suggestions:

Consider the following suggestions to prevent moisture damage to electronics:

Keep your devices dry: Keep electronic devices dry and away from water sources and humid environments.

Best phone protective cases: Protective cases are an excellent way to protect electronic devices from moisture damage. Waterproof cases, such as OtterBox  and Temdan, can protect devices from water damage caused by spills or submersion.

Best waterproof bags; such as those made by DryCase or Aqua Quest are ideal for protecting electronic devices from moisture while on outdoor adventures or in wet environments.

Best moisture absorbers: Silica gel packs and rice are commonly used in storage areas to absorb excess moisture. To prevent moisture damage, place these inside protective cases or bags.

Some anti-moisture sprays, such as the WD-40 Specialist Long-Term Corrosion Inhibitor , can be used on electronics to prevent moisture damage and corrosion over time.

Dry cabinets: If you need to store a lot of expensive or sensitive electronic devices, investing in some of the best dry cabinets can be a good idea. These cabinets are designed to keep humidity levels low in order to prevent moisture damage.

Overall, the best protective product or device will be determined by your specific requirements as well as the types of electronic devices you own. However, using a combination of protective cases, waterproof bags, moisture absorbers, and anti-moisture sprays can be an effective way to protect your electronic devices from moisture damage. 

If your electronics or appliances have been exposed, you should seek out a local restoration company and submit an insurance claim to properly remediate any damages. The health and safety is of utmost concern and early intervention should be used as best practice.

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