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Can Water Permanently Damage Electronics?

May 25, 2023

Can Water Permanently Damage Electronics?

Are you wondering whether you have permanently damaged your electronics after getting water on them? Learn what you can do with water-damaged electronics.

Research shows that electronic waste will reach 74 million tonnes annually by 2030. Some people throw away their electronics, but other equipment is broken by water damage.

Electronics restoration processes can help save devices and systems. But there’s always a risk of electronic corrosion. When electrical appliances are exposed to water damage, it can be irreversible. 

To help prepare, you need to know the consequences of water-damaged electronics and how to prevent them. 

Electronic restoration services can save the most complicated appliances if you act quickly.

Keep reading to discover more about the solutions for electronics damaged by water. 

What Happens to Water-Damaged Electronics?

Advertisements on TVs and computers warn us about spilling water over our laptops. But what happens to water-damaged electronics after accidents?

Electronics that come in contact with water are at risk because the moisture can affect the battery. If you have a water-damaged TV, the water can run into the main power unit, making it impossible to turn it on. Water can destroy circuit boards on larger devices like PCs. 

After the electronics have dried, the minerals from the water can leave lasting damage to the device. Unless you have training in electronic water damage repair, you won’t be able to see the problem immediately. The damage can take a few days to become clear to the owner. 

Scientifically, purified water will create less damage because it doesn’t contain the same amount of minerals. Outdoor electronics, like telephone wires, are more likely to have severe damage. Whereas indoor electronics like washing machines can be saved if the water is filtered. 

How to Handle Water-Damaged Electronics

Corrosion is common with water-damaged electronics, so you must have a professional take care of the appliance. There is no fixed period for corrosion to become visible, and you can injure yourself if you try to repair the electronics. The best way to fix your electrical device that has corrosion is to book an appointment with a repair service. 

If corrosion isn’t an issue, you should start by testing the device. Depending on the severity of the water damage, turn it off at the main socket or wait until it’s dry. Wiping the surface or leaving the device turned off and checking for moisture will help you identify the damage. 

Replacing individual components is an easy solution if the water only damages a section of the electronics. In other situations, a full replacement or expensive repair could be required. 

Tips for Drying Electronics

Smaller devices, such as mobile phones, can be dried at home with the proper techniques. Turn the electronics off and remove the battery if possible. Mobile phone manuals will instruct you where to locate and remove the battery. This is essential if you want to save personal data or prevent corrosion. 

The next stage is to remove as much of the water as you can. It can be challenging when the device is small and compact, as you can’t see the water. Leave the device in a cool area or cover it with a drying agent. Rice will help with mobile phones, but larger systems must be wiped. 

Research your electronic insurance to see if water damage is included in your policy. Warranty documents outline the list of repair costs covered by your insurer. You can browse the fine print to see if water damage is on the list. File out the relevant information if you are eligible for an insurance claim. 

So, you can save money on repairs and save your electronics. 

Water Damage Prevention Overview

No one can predict when a storm will strike or you will spill a glass of water, but you can prepare for emergencies. Data is the most important thing to secure on laptops and mobile phones. You can recover any data from other devices if you store information on cloud systems. 

Create backups of your personal data and ensure it’s accessible from other devices. This means you have everything you need to contact insurers or your employer in an emergency. On mobile phones, you should back up your personal photos and contacts so you can find them quickly. 

Leak Sensors

Leak and moisture sensors are a great way to protect larger electronics that can’t be stored indoors. These systems can be linked to your laptop so that you can check them from a distance. Alerts are sent to your device so you can act immediately if water leaks onto the electronics. 

Using a leak sensor gives you a headstart and will cut down on time if you have to travel to a new location to save the device. Installing leak sensors is easy, and there’s a range of affordable options if you want to cut costs. 

Checking for danger and assessing water damage through leak sensors will give you more peace of mind. It helps professionals be notified and know how severe the damage is before they start work. 

Store Electronics in High Spaces

Water damage like floods or spilt drinks usually happens at ground level. You can minimise the risk of water damage by placing your electronics in high places. 

Storage systems with multiple levels or separate warehouses are ideal for keeping expensive electronics at a safe distance from water. In homes, try to look around the space and move adapter cables to higher locations. Storing devices in garages or warehouses is good if you have the budget and space. 

Call a Disaster Recovery Team for Help

The methods for saving water-damaged electronics will look different for every person. Professionals in the electronic restoration field will find the perfect solution for both small and large accidents. These services can recommend prevention tips and give you comfort when disasters occur. 

Water can be dangerous when it comes into close contact with electronics, and you don’t want to risk injury. Our team has the tools to save your device with the right insurance claims and the process is quick. 

Call us to assess your water-damaged electronics and we can send you a claim for your insurance.

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